Aileen Eagleton, Co-President and Bible Study Coordinator

Hi I'm Aileen, and I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Pougkeepsie about 13 years ago but I love the city! I am a senior and a chemistry major. I am Co-President of Cornerstone with Emma Benz. I came to Cornerstone as a freshman and it has really helped me grow as a person. The people in Cornerstone really are welcoming and care about serving those in need. The mission trips we partake in are an amazing experience along with all the service and activities we do in our community. I can't wait to kick off this year and meet you guys! 

Emma Benz, Co-President and Outreach Coordinator

Hi! I'm Emma Benz from Rochester, NY. I'm in my senior year here at Albany, and hope to be a teacher. This year, I am a co-president as well as a special events and outreach coordinator. I started coming to Cornerstone January 2015 since I wanted to continue my spiritual journey. However, I soon learned there are so many great opportunities to contribute--not only to Cornerstone and the University, but the city of Albany and other places too-- it's hard not to join in on the fun! It's filled with so many great people, and Sandy truly becomes your UAlbany mom, so it's easy to find your place here. You really develop a family away from home. So come on and join our family!

Emma Thrasher, Vice President and Administrative Assistant

Hello!  My name is Emma, and I am Cornerstone’s Vice President and Administrative Assistant.  I am a Junior majoring in Political Science and English, with minors in History and Philosophy: I plan to go to law school after graduation.  I am from a small town outside of Binghamton NY, and this will be my third year here in Albany.  Cornerstone has been one of my favorite parts of attending UAlbany!  It is a very friendly and welcoming environment, in which each member is supported and cared for.  Community service and ministry is a vital part of Cornerstone.  I joined my first semester freshman year, and have no regrets.  I look forward to meeting all of you!

Mileca Morris, Public Relations,

Hi, I’m Mileca Morris and I am from Elmont, Long Island. I am the public relations officer of Cornerstone Campus Ministry for this upcoming academic year. I am a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. I have been a member of the Cornerstone Campus Ministry since my freshman year. The members were very helpful and supportive. Participating in this group helped me get more involved in my school community as well as the surrounding local communities.  I am excited to meet all of you guys, where I am sure we will have a lot of fun.  

Jonathan Williams, Treasurer,

Hello. My name is Jonathan David Williams. I am an Army Brat, which mean I am from all over.  I am getting a second Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. I enjoy working with inquisitive minds. Someday, I hope to be an Actuarial Professor and do research related to Education. As a Transfer student at UAlbany it was hard getting involved, but Cornerstone made it fun and easy.  Meeting Sandy and the other members of cornerstone changed my entire experience here. Sandy and the Cornerstone Crew are great people. We get to do good work in the community and have fun too. Cornerstone has guided me on a better life path with God. Also, it allows me to be involved with the community in a way I have never experienced before.

Connor C. Rice, Secretary,,

Hello, my name is Connor Corbett-Rice and I am the secretary for Cornerstone's Campus Ministry. I'm only a sophomore and I am majoring in mathematics with a minor in economics (sounds fun right). I've happily been a part if Cornerstone since last year's opening worship and look forward to doing more this year. I hope this ministry will help you grow closer to God and make new friends, whether you're a freshman or a returning student. Hope you enjoy your time at Cornerstone.

Gillian Friedlander, Mission and Service Coordinator
Hi! My name is Gill Friedlander. I attended UAlbany as a transfer student, and I graduated in December 2016. I became a part of Cornerstone in my final year at UA, and I continued attending service and events as an alumni last semester. I’m excited to continue to do so! Currently I serve as an Americorps Vista member at the Albany Public Library. I work with them as their volunteer coordinator, which means I work to bring volunteers in to help with a variety of programs. I’m really into community engagement and getting colleges involved with service, so I’m excited to get to do some of that for Cornerstone! Cornerstone really made my last year at UA, and as an alumni trying to learn how to not be a student anymore, amazing, from the awesome Sunday services, with the delicious food, to the mission trip we took to Louisiana to the Java and Justice series held throughout the year to all the service events we did. There’s a little bit of everything here, and it’s a great community to come be part of!

Katarina Kitt, Java & Justice Coordinator,

Hello my name is Katarina Kitt and I'm a sophomore here at Albany! I'm an intended sociology and psychology major. I am the Java and Justice coordinator for Cornerstone! I found Cornerstone my freshman year and there isn't a group of people that I would rather work with. Everyone is so welcoming and accepting just like our ministry! We do a lot of community service work and have a lot of amazing events, can't wait for this new year!


Corina Stelf, Outreach Coordinator,

Hi, I'm Corina and I'm from Long Island. I'm a senior here at UAlbany and hope to become a physical therapist. I'm the Special Events and Outreach coordinator. I first came to Cornerstone in my sophomore year and enjoyed it so much I decided to attend many of the events they hosted. A lot of our events are centered around the community and bringing in new people. I'm excited to start this year off and hope to see more new faces! 

Laura Thomas, Worship Coordinator,

Hey my name is Laura, I am the Worship Coordinator at Cornerstone Campus Ministry. I am from Brooklyn, an Economics major. One fun activity I did this year was my first mission trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana we help survivors rebuild their homes. You name it we did it flooring, drywall, fiberglass installation, sanding, muffing, indoor & outdoor priming/painting. This was an amazing experience both intellectual and spiritual. Come join us!! 

Staff (Provided by the Protestant Campus Ministry at Chapel House)

Rev. Sandy Damhof, Director
Protestant Campus Ministry at the Interfaith Center, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222
Office: 518-489-8573 x 26 Cell: 518-495-0029

Sandy is an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ. She has served churches in the Bronx, NY and Delmar, NY and now resides in Albany with her husband, Curt and Remmer, the dog.  She has served as the Director of the Protestant Campus Ministry since 2003. She has experience in contemporary worship, outreach/evangelism, small group ministry and spiritual formation.  She also serves as the founding pastor of Journey United Church of Christ in Glenmont.  

Dan Klob, Music Director